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About Us

Past Present Future Clothing is an independent apparel brand with a primary focus towards high quality, long lasting clothing material as well as unique and significant design. Our goal is to provide casual, well-fit, fashionable clothing, capable of lasting day and night.

The Message

Past Present Future was created with the intent of bringing to light how quickly we lose our time in life, especially towards teens and young adults. We, as humans, often forget to spend our time doing the things we love or being with the people we love until it is too late. The name of the brand is Past Present Future: we regret the past, live in the present, and we can decide our future.

Our Designs

One of our main focuses is unique clothing design. Every graphic is exclusively designed and sold on PPF’s online shop and cannot be found in retail stores. Specific color palettes are chosen for each individual graphic in order to create a unique and aesthetic design. We carefully develop each graphic with intent; each individual piece holds relevant significance and references modern issues or events.

For more information, feel free to contact us at PPF.clothing.shop@gmail.com